Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my medical insurance?

No. These are personal growth services rather than treatment of medical illness. You will benefit from customized communication tools that are taught in practice.


How long are the couple sessions?

Couple sessions last one to one and a half hour in duration. This allows for “take away tools" to be practiced. It also allows new skills to sink in. It also encourages you to use the skills back in your home.


Given our approach, 80% of what doesn’t work that most therapists advise can be eliminated outright. We focus on the 20% effective tools that are effective and easier to learn.

What’s your success rate?

We have a good batting average of 90% of couples acquiring new skills that they use to better their communication patterns.

Are we crazy if we need help?
Many couple problems cannot be resolved without an expert's unbiased skilled professional help outside of our families. It’s like hiring a guide that will take you through new terrain. If you could have done it by yourselves, you would have.

Will my partner feel judged, put under the spotlight, or blamed?
No. No person is blamed but the primary focus is on resolving stale problems quickly with fresh solutions.

However, both you and your partner will be equally challenged to use new communication tools designed for your situation. One person alone cannot solve the problem. It takes two people working together pulling in the same couple relationship goals and direction to effect a cure. It’s like canoeing. Each partner has a role to fulfill and must do it, or the canoe goes in circles frustrating everyone. Teamwork is highly emphasized.

What about privacy?
Privacy and confidentiality is strictly adhered to. All content of personal discussions remains between the doctor communications coach and the couple. Honesty and ethics rule.

What about investment costs?
Assuming a good fit, at the conclusion of your free phone call with Dr. Dennis O’Grady, he will know exactly what investment cost you can expect, as well as the number of sessions that might be required. Cash or checks are expected at the conclusion of each hour-and-a-half training session. Reading materials and homework assignments and communication surveys are typically included.

What’s a session like?
Partners typically enjoy sessions and find them surprisingly of high mutual value and feel hopeful, better equipped and refreshed afterwards. New learned tools to communicate better at home are used outside the training session. Each partner becomes a more flexible and less stressed communicator, even when high pressures mount.


Where exactly is your location?

We are located near the intersection of Far Hills/SR 48 and Alex Bell Road in Centerville, OH. We are at 7085 Corporate Way, the entrance to which is directly south of and across from LA Fitness, where there is a circular drive.

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What our clients say...


"Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge, energy, communication skills and so much more with us this week.  Our communications skills session was extremely eye opening and thought provoking.  
I learned a great deal about myself and equally important how to perceive, approach, communicate and understand others.  These newly understood and refined qualities will assist me in making good decisions in my personal life." - Dave D.

"Thank you so much for our time together, Dr. O’Grady. Our visit was enlightening and so appreciated. Mechanical devices need repaired and serviced. People and relationships are no different. We’ll keep in touch. Warm Regards. " - Jack G.

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