Marriage Counseling in Dayton, OH



  • An expert pair of listening ears

  • An interpreter

  • Interpreting what each partner is trying to say that isn’t getting across

  • Positivity: Live practice sessions of new skills

  • Focused discussions instead of complaint sessions

  • Customized “take away” tools for you and your beloved

  • A neutral party who takes the side of renewing your healthy self in relationship

  • Tweaking skills for resolving problem areas

  • Appreciation differences of Instigator vs. Empathizer communicator styles

  • A voice of reason over emotion

  • Impartial Input: Not friends or family who can misguide

  • Anger management

  • Immediate application of new knowledge and new insights

  • Focused discussions instead of complaint sessions

  • Respect and caring

  • Effective and ethical personalized caring treatment

Hour and one half intensive couple communication and marriage counseling and training sessions, led by Dayton, OH based Talk2Me© Couple Communications Expert Dr. Dennis O’Grady, offer you and your partner “live practice” of powerful clinically researched communication tools that work wonders when you use them.

7085 Corporate Way, Dayton, OH 45459


Phone: (937) 428-0724

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