The reason for nurturing your life path partner on a regular basis is to increase joy and remove resentments that snuff out love.


The reason for nurturing your life path partner on a regular basis is to increase joy and remove resentments that snuff out love.

Truth: You can’t claim to love someone your don’t respect. Sensitive listening shows respect.


What “little things” renew your love and keep resentments from recycling? Here’s what a Talk2Me© class of all men came up with…

  • Appreciate my partner by doing a date night once a month.

  • Listen more intently and be a respectful listener to tighten our bond and increase our intimacy.

  • Pay attention to whatever is said and be able to repeat and remember the topic instead of pretending that I am listening.

  • Communication: Let my partner openly know how my day is going without nagging me to talk.

  • Talk and listen with intent to catch everything said vs. complaining “I told you that last week, but once again, you’ve proven you weren’t listening.”

  • Listening is an attitude.

  • Listening shows that you dare to care.

  • Patiently listen to the problems my partner has when I’m away at work or traveling like I’m right there in the room.

  • Show compassion about complaints such as “You don’t take me anywhere nice anymore!” instead of blaming the complainer.

  • Freely give simple “thank you” acknowledgments.

  • Take time to express gratitudes.

  • Stop trying to get my partner to do more stuff around the house. Let it go.

  • Be present while my partner is talking instead of daydreaming and drifting off.

  • Show appreciation by focusing on what’s going right vs. griping, grousing and complaining about things that aren’t going to be changed.

  • Surprise my partner with flowers, a card or a sexy text, or fill love tanks in novel ways.

Love In Action: Do you listen, love and appreciate whatever your partner brings up to you?


Love is an action. Showing kindness when you feel impatient is the definition of emotional discipline.

Desire happiness? Be present and accounted for by listening to hear new answers to old complaints. Then follow up with an action that your partner has repeatedly suggested and that will create a loving couple mood.

Hard Reality: If you don’t change what isn’t working, then nothing changes and then no one in the relationship feels in a better mood which will kill your love.

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