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After 40 years of being a couple communications expert, these are 10 Talk2Me© Tools I swear by to keep my cool when tempers are flaring up:

  1. Your partner is a small part of the problem you have no control over.

  2. You are a big part of the problem you have total control over.

  3. In spite of your best intentions, using criticism to punish your partner to change will undoubtedly fail.

  4. Freely giving praise to your partner as a way of expressing gratitude and humility will work wonders when consistently and persistently applied.

  5. Empathizer partners fear conflict and won’t confidently bring forth solutions to problems unless listened to.

  6. Although Instigator partners embrace conflict, they fail to understand that listening one minute longer is the solution.

  7. Endless Conflict Loops are like termites that destroy the house of your love and spirited teamwork.

  8. When stuck in a rut of conflict, go look in the mirror. Now you’re looking at the problem you can do something about!

  9. Angry Instigator energy and sad Empathizer energy are untrustworthy feelings that the Ego enemy uses to distract you both from creatively resolving stubborn problems.

  10. Although “rage is all the rage” when we feel disrespected and disengaged, the need of all human beings is to build bridges of emotional intimacy and relational peace.

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