Communication Detours

Communication detours wreck teamwork. Many communication accidents can be avoided by driving more mindfully around potential potholes or conflicts. What are the solutions you can use to avoid relationship meltdowns?



The five root causes and solutions of communication failures:

1) WRONG TONE OF VOICE. Too loud or snarky or too soft and wishy-washy that clogs up listening ears.

Solutions: Pay attention to setting the tone when you walk into a room. Know your audience (Empathizer vs. Instigator) and appeal to them. Take time to properly plan and articulate your message.

2) FEAR OF FAILURE. Mad about a time crunch. Worrying about: “What IF this messes up?!”

Solutions: Start off with positivity. Jump right into it. Reset your positive attitude as you go through your day. Don’t let fear of screwing up freeze you up.

3) DISTRACTIONS. Anything that takes your attention away from giving 100%.

Solutions: Leave cell phone aside and step away from the computer and look the person in the eyes and give them your complete attention.

4) DIFFERENT MINDSETS AND PRIORITIES. People who have a different view, philosophy or goals for the same reality situation.

Solutions: Try to understand and “see” the other person's side. Listen. Have an open mind. Learn to compromise when butting heads.

5) TAKING OFFENSE. Pride and ego causing a person to feel slighted and resentful and then stewing about the relationship.

Solutions: Be aware it’s your ego and pride. Ask yourself: “Why did what they said or did offend me so?” Answer yourself: “It’s my ego and my pride!” takes the sting out of the rejecting incident.

Select tools to commit to and use so your communicator car doesn’t get cut off in traffic and end up in a ditch needing a tow truck.

True teamwork must overcome the biggest hurdle: To convince our rank and file that they can communicate freely, effectively, and honestly without fear of retribution.”

-- Tom Cronin & Mike Cronin

Dayton Freight Academy School of Business, Dayton Freight Lines

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