Feel beat up or beaten down by lousy feedback that twists your face into a frown?

Aware Empathizer and Instigator servant leaders choose to use impassioned beliefs to reframe perceived failures.


Does salty feedback being poured into your ego wound make you feel like a failure?

Reframe heart-hitting feedback to reveal YOUR CHARACTER TRUTHS:

  • I will listen to what I don’t want to hear if it’s the truth.

  • I accept ideas that are useful even when I dislike them or they're not mine.

  • I won’t act like a wounded bird to get sympathy when I forget to be the powerful me.

  • I comprehend that angry complaining is for children.

  • I don’t excuse myself from being responsible and accountable even when others deceive, cheat, lie, or steal.

  • I choose morals over money.

  • I exhibit tolerance for human beings sleepwalking through life.

  • I come prepared, bringing solutions, and don’t waste time.

  • I seek to be composed during crises.

  • I exhibit a positive attitude by giving praise where praise isn’t due.

  • I choose to be better than my best.

DOUBT YE NOT: You are the best deal going around when you fly like a love-disciplined kite.


Be better than your best by living in the light of truthful beliefs versus the dark of twisted truths.

Checkmark the value attitude truths you are exhibiting to us today:

  • Listen

  • Positivity

  • Honesty

  • Open Mind

  • Group Hugs

  • Energetic Delivery

  • Sincerity: Voice Tone, Eyes, Relaxed Stance

  • Gold Advice

  • Respect

  • Patience

  • Undivided Attention

  • Smile


There is power in vulnerability. Believing in yourself when you’ve had the wind knocked out of you fuels your strengths and insures your self-confidence against future insults.

You can’t be a failure, because you don’t fail to learn!

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