Is Dr. O'Grady's Approach Right For You?

Dr. Dennis O'Grady has been practicing couple therapy for 40+ years. The single most often heard comment from new clients is:


"We now have new tools that we practiced live today and we can use to make our communication better outside the session." 

How will this approach help you and your partner?

  • Learn how to communicate better.

  • To get unstuck from a rut..

  • Offer new ways to think about issues.

  • Make Peace: Helping combative couples.

  • Difficult passages: Retirement, family codependency, alcoholism, grief and loss, or extramarital affairs.

  • Premarital analysis of marital success.

  • Pattern Change: Get along better in new ways.

  • Clear Communication: Powerful new avenues to take for Instigator and Empathizer couples to feel happier.

  • Weekend sessions for privacy.

  • Christian Couples welcome and spirituality can be a part of the interaction, if desired.

  • Weekly receive the Friday Talk News Newsletter to empower your communication skills.

Restore the Calm in Your Relationship


Your next step: Arrange a free phone screening meeting with Dr. O'Grady by calling Ashlee at 937-428-0724.


Because marriage counseling is education and not a medical insurance issue, private pay investment is required. After the first meeting, Dr. O'Grady is open to discussing financial arrangements.

What's The Key To Relationship Success?

They say it all boils down to communication, but what do you do when you feel you are speaking a different language than your partner? Talk2Me© helps you decode your partner's communication through an understanding of the two different communicator types.

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