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Relationship Change Begins With Effective Communication

"Dr. Dennis O'Grady is fair. He doesn't take sides. He creates space for everyone to talk effectively and learn what works." 

It is natural to feel afraid and uncertain when your relationship feels stuck.


Who can you turn to for help?


Who can you trust?


There are so many choices. The surest route to happiness is effective communication, and that's my specialty as a psychologist, counselor, and listener. Based on 40+ years of experience, I offer you and your partner powerful problem-solving tools that are customized for your unique situation. Good communication is a learned skill. 

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When you learn new tools for talking to others, you create new behaviors. I believe you and your family deserve an accomplished expert who treats all parties fairly and won’t take sides. I want you to feel happy again.

"I feel connected again. You helped me get free from feeling stuck."

"Now I understand why my husband reacts and responds the way they do during tense conversations."

"With your help, I was able to break through walls of resentment that respect no one."

"Very quickly, TALK2ME© helped me identify my personal communication strengths and areas that need improvement."

"Now, we use proven conflict remedies together to solve problems."

"This process transformed the mood in our home from tense into happy."

"Look at me! I've become a PRO communicator." 

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 A Relationship Problem-Solving Manual

Effective communication is a two-way highway. I have literally written the book on effective couple communication tools with my daughter, Riley O'Grady. The book is Communicate Like A PRO: Tools That Forever Change the Way You Listen, Love, & Lead. Preview my approach and buy the book at Amazon. The book's self-quizzes and helpful insights cultivate new habits of effective communication by using the TALK2ME© System. 

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Contact Dr. Dennis O'Grady:

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